Jubilee Scaffolding Limited is a company that specialises in the erection of tube and fitting scaffolding, system scaffolding and temporary roofs. We provide clients with guidance and assistance in selecting the most appropriate, cost effective methods for safe working at height.

We recognise that our activities may impact on the environment around us and are committed to minimise and reduce any adverse effects that our undertakings may impact.

We intend to achieve this by:

  • Complying with all relevant legislation including, the Waste Management (Jersey) Law 2005, the Water Pollution (Jersey) Law 2000, the Statutory Nuisances (Jersey) Law 1999 and relevant best practice.
  • Continually monitoring our activities to ensure we are using the most modern and efficient technologies available.
  • Reviewing the actual and potential environmental impacts of our activities.
  • Identifying key risks and applying sensible risk management for these risks.
  • Striving for continual improvement in environmental performance by setting achievable objectives and targets.
  • Employ best practice to minimise pollution and waste through effective resource management.
  • Implement arrangements to deal with all foreseeable emergencies.
  • Involve employees, contractors and suppliers in our environmental programmes.
  • Work to encourage suppliers and distributors to participate in environmental best practice.
  • Work towards achieving the International Standard for Environmental Management ISO: 14001.
  • Provide training to all employees to enable them to discharge their responsibilities with the environment in mind.
  • Produce an annual environmental report which sets out achievements and progress and will be made available to employees, suppliers and any interested parties.

Every employee has an individual responsibility to help meet the requirements of this policy.

Employees are encouraged to contribute sensible ideas for better practice and improvements through communication to their supervisors and managing director.